times i could and times i couldn’t

i woke up to the warmth

of a slept-in bed

where the birds sing

and the sun peeked

through the blinds


but life is not

a bed of roses

it’s cold

and hot

and everything in-between


i kept warm with rivers

flooding my cheeks


i woke up to an empty house



tear stained cheeks


but when you hold me

everything feels right

i’m warm and fuzzy

and in that moment

i’m fine


but life is not

a bed of roses

we fall out

we make up

we bite our tongue

we weep


tell me it’s going to be alright

i won’t believe you

i won’t listen

then you kiss me

and deep down

i know you’re right


life is not

a bed of roses

but it’ll be

a warmer place

with you



maybe we weren’t meant to be.

and when the clock strikes twelve on a rainy afternoon

maybe i wouldn’t be

strong and steadfast

holding on tight

to you

and all your little idiosyncrasies


maybe the time we spent

was better off

together but apart

lips interlocked, hearts not

even as our lungs cry out

for the same air

maybe from the start

you and i

were never meant to be

how we met

oh darlin wont you look at me the way you look at the stars
and tell me would you travel to mars
to count the twinkling lights and
the sparkle in my eyes

tell me how vast
is this universe
the stars sing of light
the sun waves hello
the moon blows a kiss

as you and i shall be
two stars converging on a lonely night
burning passion
of hydrogen and helium
rocking our cores
tell me

how do the oceans meet?
do they wave hello (like the sun)?
do they kiss the shores to make
their lovers jealous?

how deep are the oceans?
deeper than the core of my ability
to love
deeper than the depths
of heaven and earth
deeper than the moans
and groans
of monday mornings

where the stars meet
where the sun and moon meet
where the oceans meet
my lips met yours.